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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Huron Relays

~mood: annoyed~
~song: Ridin' Solo by Jason Derulo~

I don't have to swim a 100 Fly like I thought I did! So that's the plus side. And on the negative side...

MY BROTHER IS PISSING ME OFF. He keeps yelling and swearing and acting like he's so cool. Ugh, it makes me so mad. All he does is sit around all day. He doesn't even do very good in school cuz all he does is video games. He always bugs me about stuff on this online site and it makes me so annoyed. He's way overweight (okay maybe not super overweight) because he never does any exercise. He's really lazy (not that I should talk) and hates going anywhere except maybe an arcade. At least I get out and do stuff. Like swim everday during the fall, play in band, play water polo in spring, bike when i can, run sometimes, walk to school, do I have to go on? Let's see my brother... does karate twice a week, plays baseball on an elementary school team, and... that's it. His spare time is spent playing video games, eating (a LOT), playing computer, and sleeping. My spare time is spent listening to music, eating, sleeping, and using the computer. I try and tell him to get up and do stuff but he never listens to me. He's always like "Oh you have no life." and I'm like, "You have way less of a life than me. You have like 5 friends and when you hang out with them all you guys do is play video games and sit around." GAH! It makes me so mad! Dx


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